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Awright, so you still visit Desspo`s hall of metal..and probably wonders why so few updates??. Desspo is "on hold" at the moment but some of us, as you probably already know, have this Hellhole project running and updates regarding that will be posted here!!

Friday 11` there will be a tribute to AC/DC at Tribute in Sandnes. There will be 15 local musicians contributing to this event and Arni is one of them. Show starts at 22.30 CC: 80 NOK

Howhowhow, mary fucking christmas all you crazy metalheads out there. To get more information about Hellhole just hang on until next year and a new Hell of a Hole site will be shown!!

Desspo made 2` place in the RADEMO contest, thanx to everyone who voted!!

Help Desspo win
10 000 NOK by sending SMS. Send "RADEMO 2123" to 2005. Send as many as you want within tomorrow night!!
(3 NOK each) THANX!

Attention!! Desspos hall of metal has more or less been run over by a new askicking layout. Thanx Fed for supporting Desspo the way you do, great!!

West Coast Heavy Metal!
We're proud to announce the we've finally found on witch shelf our music belongs. In a recent interview with musiq.no Ulve were asked what kind of metal we played. His response were instantly: "...We define our music as West Coast Heavy Metal, a mix between old school, trash and modern metal. I don't think anyone else is doing what we are doing in the same way we're doing it, but in future I hope WCHM are going to be a new sort of metal that we created and that other band will pick up and continue the legacy..." Sounds a bit( allot actually...) more arrogant then its meant to be, but we are sick and tired of all the different opinions about our music. This is the metal we play: WCHM, period.

Some new reviews of "NEON" and the interview we did with Musiq.no can be read right here !

What happens you may ask...?? Let us tell you that the "Ozone" video is in progress and teaser will be out soon. Get ready for real metalized shit this time!!! New "NEON" t-shirts and other nice merch will also drop in at the merch site soon, so........

What's up mofos?
We're still fucking around on the road and having a lot of crazy fun.
As time passes, we're about to start filming our video for Ozone. All I can say is that its gonna be a lot of fun making and should be ready in a couple of months. Stay tuned for this site to get the release date and how to show up...See you around!

The first reviews of "Neon" can be read right here......

There will soon be new shit at the merch site! "Dog tags", Zippos, new t-shirts and cellphone tags.....all this just for YOU!!!

New images from CP and Hjørnet out now!
Desspo has also booked time for new photo session early in March to get the new band image shown to you guys! Curious... you know were you`ll find them first!!!

Review from the release gig at Tribute added here!!

Well, we've done the release show and we've done Garage in Bergen. Coming up doe are Checkpoint Charlie this week, Kristiansand next week and so on. We're going to put out images as we go along on the tour, so keep checking for updates. See you out there Mo Fos 

Awright, new guestbook layout ready! Check it out and sign it right here....

Remember the release for "NEON" tomorrow at Tribute! Support is as announced the great metalheads in Escapetor! The event will be video taped as a beginning for the making off our video project "Ozone". Be there to make it a hell of a party!!!

Haaappyy Neeeeew yyyeeeaaar!!
Awrait bastards, ready to rumble?? Desspo is packig the shit and hitting the road for shows and fun through all winter and spring. We're booking as we go, and there's no stop signs ahead. Touring down the highway to hell will partly be with brother of metal from Bergen Lost at Last ready to kick some butt, so be sure to update your ass with dates and whereabouts from this website. So if you miss out, tuff luck, you've hereby been warned; lock up your daughter, and lock up your wife, the mad dogs are back in town, and we're not messing around...
See you out there mo fos!

New gigs confirmed! Were when & what right here!

Jingle (hells) bells!
The record are in the press now, and it will be available only in Desspo's online merch. shop.
It will be available on the first 4-5 live shows after release, but that’s it. What we will do however, is to give a 2nd
press later this spring as the first press will be more or less used for promo relations.
Anyways, thanks to all of you that took the time to vote for the next video.
We'll come back after Christmas with the song that’s gonna be used. The show 12 of Jan. will be filmed
to be used in whatever song that’s made it to video, so be sure to turn up to make a mess.....
Merry Christmas Mo Fo's!

New record set! Desspo`s hall of metal had 1288 hits last month and that is the highest amount of visits ever! We just wane say thanx to our fans for their loyalty and support, you mofos rock!! For those who doesn't know yet....why are you still here?? Check out Desspo`s Myspase site at once to download Desspo`s version of Hey Joe.

New gigs confirmed! See if Desspo will fuzz up a club near you right here...

Check out the new rocking links we have added here. If you feel forgotten please be in contact and we will consider your site as a worthy Desspo friend!

Desspo will celebrate "NEON" at Tribute the 12` of january. Escapetor will do support that night and then there is no reason for not showing up for this ultra metalized event! More info to come as it approach..

Vote for Desspos new video project! What will happen now is as follows; in a few days you will have three songs to vote on! The one that gets the most votes will be our VIDEO choice, so you better god damn vote if you want your favorite to win! It will be a "secret" poll, so nobody will know witch song is leading the race until its all over. Good Luck!

Arnis wife gave birth to a little boy last night and Arni is sooooo proud to have a new kid to rock!!

Check out our new merchandise page, to get yourself an awesome Desspo tee or some nifty Desspo buttons.

The T-shirts are ready and they are in all sizes. Hang in until the merch- link is ready to put out at Desspos hall of metal.......

The making of t-shirts are delayed(fuck) and they will be finished late august. We have also ordered buttons and they will probably arrive next week:)

Desspo t-shirts will be available in a few weeks so stay tuned if you want one!!!

Studio diary with comments and images will come in a few days. Stay with us friends!!

Video is on schedule, it will be ready in a few weeks. Release on Folken, Stavanger August 12. Friends and family will be invited, but feel free to crash the party...

Photo session is done and Desspos hall of metal will soon be upgraded. The Overkill video will be finished about the same time we enter Valhalla and we can assure you that it will kick some serious ass!!

New images will be added soon. Stay tuned!

Ulve and Arni has been asked to join a Mötley Crüe tribute first weekend in March. The boys did not need much time thinking, and the answer was an obvious yes. Ulve will sing five or six songs and Arni will axe through about the same amount. Which songs they will contribute on will be announced right here as soon as its settled. The rest of the lineup has yet t.b.a., and you will get it here on www.desspo.com first. The show will be on Tribute, Sandnes 2nd and 3rd of March. Be sure to show up for a some classic Mötley Crüe songs with your heros. It's gon na be a lot of fun, so bring in your dad (He'll might remember some of these tunes...) See you there mo fos - Ulve

So here we are, new year, new opportunities and new quests to concur. In lack of a second guitar-player and absence of a fifth member we´ve been busy writing new material. And exited as we are, we cant wait to get out there and play it for you guys. Video production seems to be more difficult than first admitted, but are ongoing as we speak. We are also busy booking studio-time for this summer to record some of our new material and will return with dates and info as we get closer. Be sure to log on to our home-page for the latest news and updates. See you soon out there!! -Ulve

"Obscured" review from "The Metal Observers" out here!

Help Desspo make it for Bylarm-2006 here!!

Review of the Metropolis gig out here! (Norwegian)

The movietakes are finished and the Zoom gig done. It was one of the most hectical days ever but fun as hell!! Images from both events will be out soon!

Desspo will start making a video to the track "Overkill" today. The guys at Tryllefilm will help us out with animation and special effects. Stay tuned for info and clips......

Thank you everyone who showed up at Tribute last friday and made the gig real fun to play. It was great to see Thunderbolt do their classic metal so fucking good and that they could party as good as well...flash flash guys!!

The gig at Metropolis went in ordinary Desspo style even thou a bit to few of the local
metalkids showed up. What is more important is the fact that we filmed and
taped it all, and that will be done at Tribute Friday 7th of October as well.
Just show up to participate in our video with maniac slamming and headbanging...

If you want to help Desspo kicking ass outside Norway you can write some nice words about us here and maybe get us to Sweden rock festival. Thanx!!!

Hi there MoFos!
Summer holiday is over and Desspo is back in business.
During time off we came up with new ideas and material witch can be
heard in our autumn gigs. We are booking the fall as we speak
so if you want us to play in your neighborhood you'd better
be quick. Be cool..!!!

"Obscured" review from Vampster.com out here!

"Obscured" review from Metalfan.nl (Netherland) out here! Images from the "Rockin" gig out soon.

Here we are again mo fos, Desspo did a good show in Oslo at Rock In, but I'm sorry to say that to few came to check us out. PR has to be blamed for that, but then again we played 2 weeks after Inferno so its possible that people were a bit sick of metal and live shows at the moment. We will be back, we will return, we will roll all over you again this fall, so watch out for us in a club near you. Metals up...

"Obscured" review at Final Prophecy Webzine(Germany) out here..!!

Desspo is booked at Rockin in Oslo 04.04. More info to come shortely..!!

Images from "Obscured" release at Folken out soon!!

New reviews and interviews out here..! We are waiting for some reviews from Germany, stay tuned metalheads...!!!!

Greetings mo fos!
Our release concert for "Obscured.." is one of the best we ever done.
Everything seemed to fit, and the cover tune we presented really thru
people as we thought it would. Altho we had some technical problems in
the beginning and the pyro started a small fire and made the light
engineer go apeshit , everything went just fine. Desspo would also like
thank our good friends of Deathfare and K(nine) for making the event
memorable with their support and music performance. Special thanks to
Arvid of K(nine) for stepping in as a sound engineer and saving the
night audiowise. And to you trusted fans who showed up; thanks for
making the gig as good as it got. We hope we gave you what you wanted;
namely Pure Fucking Metal...!!!

Desspo will play "Obscured" release gig in Stavanger 28.01 Watch out for ditails.

Interview out here and new session images from Ulves celler out here...!!!

New interviews will soon be added..:)

Some new session images will be out soon.

Desspo would like to thank all of you mo fos out there for voting for us at Bylarm. Thank you for the effort...!!!

Images from Desspo`s support gig for Deicide and some reviews of "Obscured" out soon..!!

We had one hell of a night last night with Deicide as we
did the support act. We played very hard and good as well as Deicide doing their job seriously. The audience were very happy with the
triple bill that suprisenly came up as the european support act were
coming to scandinavia without any notice. More fun for the money put in
for tickets. Till next time; see you crazy m****r f*****s out there soon on a gig near you...!!!

Desspo will play support for Deicide at Folken 24.11. 04. All we can say is Fuck in'A'.....

GBB went very well, the judges had us as 1` and 2` but we lost for a young "nu"-metal band. Good luck to them in Oslo:)

Desspo will play the Global Band Battle at Marinique in Stavanger 14.10.04. Just 2 songs will be played.

The gig at Haarfeste-festival went pretty well...big party is the key word, great fun and great audiens....thanx. Pictures comes later!!!

Yesterdays gig went very well and we will definitely remember it just by looking at Arnis forehead..hehe
Di`anno did a great job making us feel like being at a Maiden gig around 1982...cool!!!
Images and review comes later..:)

19.7.04 00.17am
Arni and his wife Anette became first time parents a few hours ago....proud parents, hell`yeahhhh!!!!

15.7.04 23.33pm
Big congratulations to Frode and his girlfriend Cecilie who just a few hours ago became first time parents....metal salute for you, daddy!!!

We are working on some T-shirt plans..watch out...!!

INFO....there are only 30 copies left of the "HMFO" -EP



Hellhole will this weekend entree studio to record a five track EP. Release party
will be at Checkpoint 21` March.
CC: 100
18 year limit

Yes, Hellhole is the name of the side project some of Desspos members
are working on these days. Hellhole will this friday(09.11) do support for the
legends in THE DEMON at Tribute in Sandnes. So, if you wanna smash
your ears with Hellholes heavy shit...bring your ass down there!
ACTION: 21.30
CC: 220 Nok

Ozone video out now!!!

We're happy to announce that the Ozone video is finally here!

[download] [view]

Remember show time 12.05!!
Remember to drag your ass over to "South of Heaven" this saturday!
Desspo will do new songs at this show, and West Coast
Heavy Metal will fill the capital of Norway. Also
check out the bands "Fuel" and
"Lipstick Liontigers".
This night will rock hard!!!!


This time the lucky bastard is Mr. Evensen,
congratulations and thanx for support!!
If you move forward to this address and drop them a
mail......yes, you may be the bastard who gets a
copy of "NEON", T-shirt
and some buttons.


Download "Neon" tracks here.

Hey Joe (Live in studio)

The result on the video-project vote is now in!!

Fucking awsome news!!!
Desspo is pleased to annonce that we've got a new bass slayer!
Rolf Tore "Roffe" Eilertsen is his name, and all of us in
Desspo hope he will be the one to stretch the
bass-strings in propper Desspo maner,
for a long time ahead.
We salute you! Welcome to Desspo!

Desspo needs your vote! (Outdated)
Visit ROGAVIS and scroll down until you find Desspo
at the right side, mark Desspo and fill in your
E-mail at the bottom. Don´t be afraid to
leave your mail, it´s just Rogavis way
to check that the bands don´t
vote 10 000 times at
their self!
Thank you very much for helping to avoid that some
disgusting pop-music wins the deal. Now go vote!!!

Doctor Torp
"Bass Doctor Torp" is the guy who will help Desspo in the making of "Serenades of metal". He plays in differen bands
but most of you will know him as a
member of Lowdown.

Video release canceled!
Video release at Folken August 12. is canceled! Tryllefilm who makes the movie is delayed in the making an in that matter
we just have to wait . Things like this sucks big time
but the final result will hopefully be worth
waiting for. More info to come later!!

Frodo has left the arena!
Frodo is no longer a member of Desspo(take care our friend)
and in that matter we need a new bass player. As known
we are working in studio these days and if YOU are
an experienced bass player and want to join
in, please contact us immediately!

Finally a new recording!
Desspo hasn't got a new guitar player yet but we will continue with just Arni axing the tunes. With that setting we have
booked Studio Valhalla to record new material.
We will enter the studio 16 of june and
will not return to society until the
deed is done. It will be heavier
and faster than ever.  
If you are horny for a jam
and think that you are the right guitar
player for Desspo, feel free to contact us! We´re
planning gigs as well, so keep your ears and eyes open. 
See you soon all of you headbanging mother fuckers....!!!!!!

Well, well what do you know. Here we are again, spring's here, new dates are here and some news too. We have now booked studio time, we will enter studio during June and we will
record 3 or 4 new songs and remix a couple of others.
We are also in post production of the infamous
video of Overkill witch will be released together
with the presentation of new tunes.
The dates and whereabouts will
come as soon as its settled.
See you out there!!

Ulve and Arni does Mötley Crüe!
With musicians from bands as Six Eyes Lost, Svartmalt, Taaken and many more the party will get fucking wild!!
Bring your ass down to Tribute in Sandnes at:
02.03.06 (no age limit )
03.03.06 (18 years limit)
CC: 80 nok

A new situation(06.11.05)
We are sorry to announce that due to various reasons our 8 year long
relationship with Marty has ceased to exist.
We hereby declare that there is an open spot as guitar player in Desspo,
and we will have audition as soon as possible.
If you are interested please contact us here!
Our video of the song Overkill will continue as scheduled, but
all other plans will be set on hold for a while....
Stay with us... We will not disappear!!!

New images of Desspo at Tribute & Checkpoint!

Desspo at Zoom!
Desspo will do some songs at Checkpoint Charlie in Stavanger
tonight(10.10.05) at 21.30 Pm. The event is free
of charge so there is no excuse for not
coming down and bang
your head...!!!

Desspo at Sweden rock...??
If you want to help Desspo kicking ass outside Norway
you can write some nice words about us here and
maybe get us to Sweden rock festival. Thanx!!

New gig!
Desspo will support Thunderbolt at Tribute
Friday 07.10. The gig will be video taped!
Drag your mo fo ass down to the club
to make the video kick ass!!!
(gig starts 21.30)

Desspo rocking the kids!
On the night of 16th of September, Desspo will serve
the kids of Stavanger a real taste of pure heavy
metal. The venue for the night is Metropolis
and there is no agelimit....!!!
Ordrenekt will join in as support.

New images of Desspo rocking ROCKIN - OUT NOW!

Desspo and the swedish band Sunaglare will go
live at Rockin in Oslo 04.04.05
(free of charge)


View images ->

28.01.05 Desspo will play "Obscured" release gig at Folken
in Stavanger. Our good friends in Deathfare and
K-[nine] will join in as support.
CC 70/90 Kr for a night of real metal...!!!

Watch Desspo's first tv- interview/review
on their latest album, Obscured By Metal here.


OUT NOW!! Order at Desspo`s hall of metal or get it at these stores in Norway :

* FFB Records in Hønefoss
* Sound of noice in Oslo
* Recordworld in Sandnes
* Mefisto in Stavanger
* Apollon in Bergen
* Aftermath in Trondheim
* Rockline in Kr.sand
* Amadeus in Egersund

...Downloads | Order [10€/80NOK inc. shipping]Reviews

"Obscured" reviews out now!
Reviews of "Obscured by metal" and some images
from Desspo`s support act for Deicide
OUT NOW...!!!!

Sneak peek-downloads from our new record,
"Obscured by metal" out now!

Studio diary
The studio diary has been moved to the
history page.

See the images from Desspo`s latest concerts and
read some new reviews ..........

DESSPO will supportPAUL DI`ANNO at Sandnes Kulturhus 30.7.04
We are also booked for HÅRFESTE-FESTIVALEN
at Rennesøy 28.8.04
See you at the gigs metal heads...!!!!

DESSPO begins studio time 11.6.04 and the
working title of the project is.....
"Obscured by metal"
The studio is "Suksesslaboratoriet" and the project will
contain 5 songs that have never been taped before.

Images and review(norwegian) from
Tribute 14.5.04 are
out now...!!!

What`s new

See Desspo`s rehearsal room....!!!

New reviews and some new links,

-"What if you suck!!", replied James Hetfield when given Desspo's EP, but....
See the images of Metallica posing with the EP.

New metal-images of the latest Desspo gigs OUT NOW!


Get it at:
Recordworld - Sandnes
Sound of noise - Oslo
Platecompaniet - Stavanger
...Downloads | Order EP [6€ + shipping ] | Reviews...