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Desspo is an "old" band, restarted in 1998 by Arni Sørlie and Martin Grødem. -We both had the same notion; to play 80's metal with "millennium power".

After trying different musicians, we ended up with the following crew:
Arni and Martin on guitar, Frode on bass, Kjartan on drums and Linn on vocal. In 2002 Linn moved to Bergen, and our collaboration became somewhat difficult. As a result of this, we were lucky, and got hold of Ståle, whom now does "the howling screams".

If you like to listen to some of our "old" stuff, with Linn on vocal, please order the demos “In this house we have it all” or “Labyrint”.

On the “In this house” demo Kai Walde playes the bass.

In 2005 our 8 year long relationship with Marty had to come to an end, due to various reasons not necessary to mention here. Take care you crazy diamond!!

The fall and winter of 2005 was a bad time for the band. Marty had to leave the band and Frodo had to many things going on in his private life to continue play with Desspo. The future did not look to bright and we had to start all over with the sound of only one guitar player and to get a bass player. We also knew that to keep the name visible we had to get stuff out and we went in to Studio Valhalla as a trio to record Neon with hope that nobody would forget us. In that process Desspo tried out different musicians and came to terms with Roffe. He has participated in different rock outfits, but has a metal heart and his sound is spectacular.