Studio diary - "Neon" Close





Bass Dr. Torp






Finally!! Desspo are so proud to announce that "NEON" finally is ready. Three of the songs will, as already announced in the "latest news" section, bee available at "Desspos hall of metal" latest within next weekend. Stay tuned for the wildest Desspo downloads ever....

As expected.......we have to do the mastering from top again.The master tape we got did not come out with the sound and power we hoped for! It will probably take another week before the new downloads hits Desspos hall of metal. Thanks for being patient!!!

Awrait Mo Fos! The day has arrived ladies and gents, we are ready to proudly present a few ofthe tunes that will appear on our new recording called Neon.We are proud as fuck, and the world lay ahead of us ready to embrace the sweet sound of Desspo( .....a bit cocky? Yes I know...he he ) But point is that its been quite a while since we gave you some new music, ands its about fucking time too! Tune your browser towards to get the full length of Ozone and a Desspo version of Jimi Hendrix everlasting Hey Joe.
Hey Joe was recorded live in studio and was probably the most fun to do. It became a bit more crazy than we first assumed, but it came out fucking wild. Feel free to comment in either our guest book or on myspace.

To complete the mix down  and post production we, as you already know, brought in Hein from ToT to help us out. Always nice to have fresh ears when it comes to that part. So far he has done allot to some of the tunes and the rest are in progress. Seems to us that the total sound became a bit more tight and hard as well as the songs build up somewhat different. In a good way I might ad. We will try to put out some new samples during this weekend, but mind you; these are mp3 files, so the total picture of the music can not be counted for, and quality will obviously not be as good as it would be on the record ( witch you then have to get....). Hopefully we'll get it all done during these next few weeks...
When its done, three songs will be posted on our site for you to vote on. The one cut that gets the most votes in 2 weeks will be our video choice and released sometime during spring time

Fuck fuck fuck, Raggi is sick and the mixing is on hold for a wile, hopefully we can proceed next week:)

Finally!! Desspo has begun the hard work of mixing the shit and we are happy to announce that Hein Frode Hansen will help us out. We think that to use some fresh ears will be the best way to go! When it comes to the bass issue we have our new guy Roffe on one track, Doctor Torp on one track and Arni on 2 tracks. The reason for this is that the time flyes away and we want to finish "Neon" in near future so we can focus on practesing for gigs again. The sound samples will be updated as the mixdown proceeds!!

As you've might allready heard, the album is still in it's makings and therefore the added samples is only raw mixes. The reason for this taking so long to get finished, is that our new bass player Roffe needs to get to know our material a little better.

Well, studio is hard time, you think its tight, but get really threaded to pieces recording the shit. " Take 1..... take 2.... take one million...." Fuck, its tough on the boys, but they'll live. God damn, we're recording four fucking tunes that's gonna kick ass big time and its getting close to mixdown. Ulve has one more song to finish and its all done. 
If we get a rough mix done this week, were gonna drop it in our diary, were still waiting for the Bass doctor to get the undertones down. All we have now is Arnis guide bass ( witch isn't bad at all I might add...) and that will be what you'll get mo fos....

The guitar tunes is now done and Arni is satisfied. What Ulve and Kjartan thinks of it, will be announced when they come back from holiday. Arni has also axed through some bass tunes, but that will be deleted when the session bass players are ready. Who it is and when it should be done will be announced later! There will soon be some sound samples here in the studio diary. So don't leave Desspo's hall of metal!!!

Vocals are now done..for now.. We have to hear the full mix to know if its gonna stick or not , perhaps add a few things or so. Its... different from last time ;-)

Ulve has been howling away for three days now, and it seems to come together as time passes. Always something to improve...

Well, well second session down. Loads of guitar tracks is now done and we're pretty happy about how it all turns out. Arni has done a hell of a job! Solos and harmonics will bee done after holiday is over but there is enough for Ulve to do some howling....

We're now done with drums on all four tracks, and they sound awesome I'm proud to say. Next to do is getting some guitar tracks on before vacation time for Arni, and for Ulve to have something to work on. I guess the vocals are what will be the most crusual this time since that's were we really intend to pull off some magic (we hope.....).